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Foodhall Scheveningen

Street Food Vibes on the North Boulevard

Foodhall Scheveningen takes inspiration from the atmosphere of a welcoming, cosmopolitan market; full of lights, sounds and energy. Where you can eat and drink together in one beautiful location and with the bonus of a cosy bar. The range of food stands is both global and international. After taking a tour of the various food stands, it’s time to make your choice. Will it be bitterballen, spare-ribs, Spanish Churros, or a pad thai? Or perhaps you are going for a plate of oysters, a special local dish or a succulent veggie burger? At Foodhall Scheveningen there is always something for everyone!

Foodhall Scheveningen
Foodhall Scheveningen

Meet Up at Foodhall Scheveningen

A beautiful space with the look and feel of a lively and cosmopolitan market square, where you can enjoy a selection of dishes from sixteen different world cuisines. Foodhall Scheveningen is the perfect location for a drink at the bar, a meal at the tables in the hall, a snack on the terrace with a sea view, or a cocktail on your beach bed.

bestel vanaf het strand

Order from the beach

To serve beach guests during the summer period, Foodhall has come up with the option of bringing the Foodhall’s kitchens to the beach. How does it work exactly? You go to Order Here and you’ll immediately end up in an online ordering environment. Favorite dishes can be paid for immediately after selection, after which the Foodhall will send you a text message when the order is ready. Pick-up is a breeze and long queues are avoided. The order includes eating utensils and is packed in biodegradable materials.

Order from the beach

Choose dishes from all our food stands and simply pay in one go!

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