15 oktober - 18:00 - 22:00 / Rayn
Rayn Foodhall Scheveningen

With musical scars in his life, Rayn started his career as a singer. By writing his emotions and life lessons on paper he used his musicality for his poems. This led to “A creation from the soul”. In 2012 he released his soulful debut album that was well received by critics all over the world and included the very talented legends John JR Robinson on drums and Marcus Miller on bass. His first international doors opened when Sweet Soul Records Japan signed him, which led him to tour Japan every year.

But there is more……

Leaving footsteps for his first album and finishing some untold stories his follow-up to his first album was born. “Back II Business” his second album was released in 2018. Storytelling about life with 10 songs and adding a mixed flavor of the 70’s and 80’s with more groovy dance tracks that make you move and ballads to keep the music wave balanced. Because of his experience from his first album Rayn traveled from studio to studio and played more instruments on this album that he himself recorded and mixed.

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